Why Choose LifeHouse?

If you or a loved one is trying to stop drinking or using drugs, LifeHouse Sober Living may be an option for you. LifeHouse Sober Living is a set of group homes for people who are recovering from addiction issues. Residents of LifeHouse have to follow certain rules and contribute to the home through various responsibilities. Most importantly, residents must stay sober throughout their stay in the home. Living in this type of environment can support sobriety and help alcoholics or addicts adjust to life without their addictions. We believe that LifeHouse can help the addict transition from rehab to living independently without drugs or alchohol through our three core values: compassion, accountability, and structure.


At LifeHouse, we understand the triumphs and hardships of recovery, because we've been there too. As recovered addicts ourselves, we know a better life exists and have dedicated ourselves to helping other addicts and alcoholics find it.


At LifeHouse, we strive for an atmosphere of positive accountability. While living in one of our sober homes, you can expect our staff and your fellow residents to have your best interests in mind, and they will help ensure that you are making positive steps toward your recovery.


When in the grip of active addiction, a life of chaos begins to seem like the only normal one. At LifeHouse, by assigning each resident a set of responsibilities that are essential to keeping the residence in order , we offer a step away from that chaos and toward a productive and meaningful life.

We all need to reach out for help sometimes.

Client Testimonial

Max L.

Max L.

"Due to my drinking and drug use I lost my wife, my daughter, and my home. I went to rehab too late, but I got clean and sober. After a big relapse, my house sold. I had nowhere to go. David took me in at LifeHouse. Because of my stay here I've learned how to stay sober. I go to 5-6 meetings a week and I'm more than halfway through step 9. I am beginning to understand my higher power and a new freedom in the program and freedom from drugs and drink. LifeHouse likely saved my life. Also there's a program to help you move on after LifeHouse. I've been in LifeHouse for 7 months!"

Tammy T.

Tammy T.

"Every person that walks this earth forges their own path. Sometimes that path seems effortless, sometimes that path is laid out for us, and sometimes that path is full of obstacles that seem impossible to understand or overcome. A little over two years ago, while crawling down a path built on fear and pain, I found a fork in the road. At this moment, after years of drug-induced absolute misery, I found a final shred of courage within myself and chose a life of recovery. I had no idea where to begin and no clear path laid out before me. I was alone and terrified but knew I had no choice but to push forward. That's when I found LifeHouse. Moving into LifeHouse gave me the chance to start a new life in a safe environment with other women that were also attempting to start their own new journeys. Upon moving into LifeHouse, I obtained a job which I still hold today. I started in an entry level position and have climbed to a management level position with full benefits. I had the chance to relearn basic life skills like cleaning, grocery shopping, and living with roommates. I was able to acquire a new bank account, complete probation and pay off traffic tickets to reinstate my driver’s license. Most importantly, LifeHouse afforded me the opportunity to start my life in recovery. Regular attendance of meetings and living with other women in recovery allowed me to start living a life I never knew was possible and to find myself again. I know I did all of the hard work myself, but I owe so much to LifeHouse for giving me a chance when I truly needed it the most."

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